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Aus Lust am Genießen

Enjoy the aroma of
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Dorblu: blue cheese for the
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Welcome to the world of Käserei Champignon.
Here, you'll find information and inspiration about our favourite brands
and many useful services. Come on a voyage of discovery –
  all the way to what the future holds for the art of cheese making!
100 years in the art of cheesemaking,
100 % natural, 100 new ideas.
And immeasurable good taste.
Now that's a mature performance.
You can taste it!
Milk from our region and
the skill of the master cheesemaker.
Tradition meets trend:
in our brand world.
What could be better than eating cheese?
Discovering it, enjoying its aroma, marinating it,
grating it, baking it, frying it, grilling it.
And then enjoy it!
Wie wir Genussgeschichte schreiben?
Ganz einfach: mit Geschmack.