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Aus Lust am Genießen
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Simply irresistible –
CAMBOZOLA, a world of enjoyment!

For over 30 years, we’ve been creating CAMBOZOLA soft cheese specialities with fine blue cultures. Our cheese masters use only the best milk and quality cultures during manufacture – a recipe for success appreciated by cheese experts and connoisseurs alike.

CAMBOZOLA opens up a world of enjoyment, full of the joys of life, inviting you to celebrate an informal culinary feast. The special combination of flavours is a sensational experience: the wonderfully creamy soft cheese melts on the tongue and delights the palate with the refined, finely spiced note of blue mould. Whichever product you choose from the range, CAMBOZOLA promises you delicious inspiration!

Brand World | Products


CAMBOZOLA Black Label is a premium blue vein and fine grey mould soft cheese, with its fine grey natural mould on the outside and the fine blue veins on the inside, its characteristic appearance is optically appealing. CAMBOZOLA Black Label’s speciality lies in the refinement: skillful manufacture with a particularly long maturation at a low temperature. This careful cold maturation gives CAMBOZOLA Black Label its fine aroma and wonderful creaminess.

As its name suggests, the classic of the three CAMBOZOLA varieties. During the manufacture, the master cheese-maker adds high-grade blue cultures to the milk, which form fine blue veins in the cheese when it matures. It’s this exceptional combination of especially creamy soft cheese and refined blue cultures that make CAMBOZOLA so irresistible.

A pleasingly refined combination of wonderfully creamy soft cheese with high-grade blue cultures and a subtle garlic flavour. 


The light form of seductive pleasure, with only 25% absolute fat – incomparably creamy and delicately spicy. For a balanced diet without compromising on flavour.