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Gourmet Collection | Gourmet Collection | Camembert & Brie Tins

Gourmet Collection

Gourmet Collection – an innovative product line from our international premium brands CAMBOZOLA, ROUGETTE and CHAMPIGNON. Gourmet Collection is a specialty soft-ripened cheese with a surprising creaminess in simple and convenient package to maintain consistent flavor and quality!

Over 100 years of experience and a passion for cheesemaking, as well as pure cow’s milk from the Alps, go into the creation of Gourmet Collection. It is an all-natural cheese and contains no preservatives or stabilizers, no artificial colors or flavors. Gourmet Collection is lactose free.

Our innovative manufacturing process guarantees that Gourmet Collection has the perfect degree of ripeness and creaminess. Each wheel is sealed in a protective package to ensure the highest quality cheese reaches your table.

These redy-to-enjoy specialities will melt every cheese lover’s heart!

Gourmet Collection | Gourmet Collection | Camembert & Brie Tins

Gourmet Collection

CHAMPIGNON Camembert De Luxe 
Mild and creamy soft-ripened cheese with a fine taste.

CAMBOZOLA Mild Blue Cheese
Creamy soft-ripened cheese with a fine flavour of blue mould

ROUGETTE Creamy Red Cheese
Buttery soft-ripened cheese with a distinctive reddish rind and aromatic character

Gourmet Collection | Gourmet Collection | Camembert & Brie Tins

Camembert & Brie Tins

The pull tab tin keeps these soft ripened cheeses fresh and easy to serve on any occasion. The Käserei Champignon Camembert or Brie are perfect for picnics, hiking, skiing, or just at home. Made from pasteurized cow’s milk.

All of our cheeses are made with microbial rennet and are free of lactose, gluten and rBGH.



Our Camembert is how Käserei Champignon got started in 1908 and it is still one of the company's main items. Sold in a tin to preserve its freshness until you decide to eat it.

Our Brie is a very close relative to the Camembert, nutty in the undertones but in general very mild. Like the Camembert it's made from pasteurized cow's milk and will keep fresh for a while due to the freshness tin.