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Aus Lust am Genießen


The GRAND NOIR is a highlight of the DORBLU range.

It is the first blue cheese ripened in a black wax mantle. The special ripening technology gives it a unique piquant, but still delicate character. The wax protects the fine surface from light and preserves the palette of flavours and the aftertaste.

GRAND NOIR is a true masterpiece for connoisseurs of fine flavours. It is the especially melting creaminess laced with fine veins of blue mould cultures that makes it so incomparable and outstanding.

Serving suggestion: Grand Noir is ideal for fine dining, top quality cheese platters and exquisite food. It is also a perfect accompaniment to fine wines and champagne.

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Take a look at these works of art!

Thanks to a century of experience, the use of exclusively top quality ingredients and a sincere love for cheese our cheesemakers created a range of fine blue cheese combined under the name DORBLU (D'or blu), which means "blue gold" in French. 

Lovers of blue cheese appreciate DORBLU for its unique smooth taste and personality. The delicate, creamy DORBLU streaked with piquant fine blue mould is a special pleasure for daily memorable moments. 

“Because I love DORBLU”

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DORBLU Classic combines the best blue cheese can offer:  a delicate flavour and a creamy consistency. Streaked with the fine blue culture penicillium roqueforti, its creamy taste is enriched with a note of piquancy. A special treat that highlights every meal! 

Serving suggestion: DORBLU Classic can be great accompaniment to any dish. It goes particularly well with salads and snacks.

DORBLU Royal Blu

The full creamy taste of DORBLU Royal Blu charms with its rich notes and piquancy. It is mildly savoury and piquant and melts in the mouth. Ripening over time, DORBLU Royal Blu acquires individuality and charisma that makes it even more interesting. 

Serving suggestion: The rich, creamy taste of DORBLU Royal Blu will expand the palette of your cheese platter and add piquancy to different sauces and soups. 

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