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Aus Lust am Genießen
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FITAKI – the recipe of Greek happiness

Summer, sun, the sound of the ocean. Our brine-ripened cheese specialities from FITAKI ensure a wide range of Mediterranean delicacies. For all who want take that holiday feeling home with them, FITAKI brings southern taste and vitality to the table.

Brand World | Products

FITAKI range

FITAKI Original in Tetra-Pack 500 g, 200 g
A uniquely creamy brine-ripened cheese. A creamy delight in salads, pure on fresh bread or as a gratin. Also available as a balanced "active" variety with vegetable fat - ideal for low-cholesterol and healthy diets.


FITAKI Cheese cubes in oil 300 g
Cheese cubes in vegetable oil, ready to eat. Ideal for salads or as an antipasti. Available as two varieties in jars:

  • with herbs (Mediterranean herbs such as oregano, thyme and paprika)
  • with Olives (seasoned with peppers, spices as well as green and black olives)


FITAKI slices, 200 g
White cheese slices, 45% fat in dry matter, traditionally matured in brine, with a slightly spicy taste.


FITAKI in a tub, 3 kg
Ready-to-eat white cheese cubes in a large tub, 45% fat in dry matter, seasoned with premium vegetable oil and Mediterranean herbs such as oregano, thyme and chopped peppers.


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