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Aus Lust am Genießen

ROUGETTE Grilling Cheese

This is what every barbecue lover has been waiting for: ROUGETTE Grilling Cheese is the perfect summer dish. The naturally ripened soft cheese in ROUGETTE’s customary top quality is a welcome change on the grill and is the new barbecue favourite for the whole family: a sure-fire success, it does not sick to the grill, does not drip, and becomes creamy-smooth on the grill. The 100-g portion is ideal for adding to and rounding off your barbecue.

ROUGETTE Barbecue Cheese comes in the delicious flavours Creamy Mild, Herb and Chilli.


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you can’t get more out of cheese!

For over three decades, our experienced master cheese makers have created a red culture speciality that cheese connoisseurs immediately love: ROUGETTE. Over the years, they have dedicated themselves to its traditional manufacture with skill and ingenuity and developed new varieties. Our master cheese makers exercise particular care during maturing because ROUGETTE needs a particular temperature and humidity to optimally develop its finely spiced flavour and special creaminess. In the process, the appetising red-white rind develops to give the naturally matured cheese its characteristic note. And since the warmed ROUGETTE oven cheese was developed, the connoisseurs have been able to meet at one table because the delicious cheese dish from the oven tastes even better with company! And for relaxing moments of pleasure, alone or as a couple, ROUGETTE the small oven cheese promises enjoyment for all your senses.

Whichever one of the fine red culture cheese specialities you choose, with ROUGETTE, the meal becomes a highlight that’s best shared with family and friends.

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ROUGETTE Landkäse 180 g
... is a naturally produced soft cheese with red cultures. Its finely spiced flavour and smooth creamy consistency make it a very special treat.

ROUGETTE Landkäse is available in ‘finely-spiced’ and ‘creamy light’ varieties.

ROUGETTE Landkäse 2.0 kg
... tastes mild when it is young and increasingly finely spiced as it matures. The creamy white to golden yellow cheese has a particularly creamy consistency. The appetising red-white rind gives it its characteristic flavour.



ROUGETTE Oven cheese, finely spiced 320 g
... is a delightful meal for any occasion. Whether it’s just the two of you, the whole family or with friends; on a large cheeseboard or outside on the terrace, ROUGETTE Ofenkäse’s finely spiced flavour offers you a warm delight – with a baguette, crunchy fresh vegetables or fruit. This tasty meal can be quickly and easily prepared in the oven.

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