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Aus Lust am Genießen
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Käserei Champignon

For over 100 years, our traditional brand, Käserei Champignon has been true to original, pure cheese flavour. That means:

  • selecting and processing the best local raw materials
  • using milk from controlled contracted farmers
  • purposely foregoing additives such as spices and flavouring
  • adhering to traditional cheese making methods
  • giving our cheese specialities time to mature naturally

In 1908, the first Champignon Camembert cheese was made from fresh milk. Our master cheesemakers have handed the traditional recipe down from generation to generation, continually refining it. But something special has remained unchanged for over 100 years – its unmistakably pure flavour!



Brand World | Products

Käserei Champignon range

Allgäuer Rahm Torte
Best Allgaeu milk and a high proportion of delicious cream ensure a new and incomparably creamy taste experience. The creamy texture melts on the tongue, the fresh ingredients and the mild aroma promise a special delicacy. Available in the following varieties: Alpenrahm, pepper, herbs and garlic.

Champignon Mushroom
This double-cream, soft-ripened cheese has a mild mushroom flavour derived from hand-picked German A-quality champignon mushrooms that give it a one-of-a-kindest. The champignons used for this cheese are harvested at the optimum time to provide the best mushroom flavour experience. Pair this cheese with your favourite bread or crackers for a lavish treat.

Chambrie de Luxe
Chambri de Luxe is a soft cheese of the highest class. When young, it has a mild flavour, which becomes slightly tangy with age.

Blanchette Camembert, 125 g
The mild-aromatic classic with 45% fat in dry matter. Popular with young and old.