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Aus Lust am Genießen

St. Mang original Allgaeuer

Wonderfully creamy and smooth, and yet so heartily spiced, the way everyone loves the original Allgaeu: St. Mang Rahm-Limburger with an extra portion of cream is a treat that’s hard to resist.

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St. Mang, the Allgaeu’s original for over 100 years

Since 1910, St. Mang has been our traditional brand for unmistakeably spicy red culture cheese from the Allgaeu. It represents tried and trusted cheesemaking by hand that combines innovation with tradition. That’s the recipe for St. Mang’s success – the Allgaeu original!

The best Allgaeu milk is the basis of all St. Mang products. The original recipes of the first St. Mang red culture cheeses dates back to 1910 having been passed down by our master cheesemakers from generation to generation. They have been further refined and extended to a range of varied but nevertheless typical Allgaeu originals. This allows the enjoyment of St. Mang to be continually rediscovered!

Our own natural red cultures give our St. Mang soft cheese specialities their characteristic red-yellow colouring and their customary hearty flavour.

St. Mang’s guarantee of quality and maturity ensures a first class and completely finished product.

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St. Mang range

St. Mang original Allgaeuer Limburger 200 g / 500 g
The classic St. Mang red culture cheese speciality, develops a mildly-spicy to heartily-spicy flavour, depending on the stage of maturity.

The characteristically spicy St. Mang Limburger cheese with 40 % fat in dry matter is available as a light version with 9 % absolute fat or as a particularly creamy St. Mang Cream Limburger with an extra portion of cream.

St. Mang original Allgaeuer Romadur 100 g
Due to its smaller form, Romadur matures faster and develops its spicy flavour more quickly. And that makes St. Mang Romadur perfect for a hearty snack.  Available in the classic form with 40% fat in dry matter, as a light version with only 9% absolute fat or particularly creamy as Cream Romadur.

St.Mang Original Allgäuer Rubius
St.Mang Original Rubius continues in this tradition.
Our very own home-made raw cultures give it its unique, delicate lightly red colour.
This full-flavoured cheese comes in two varieties
"Mild”: smooth character and gently aromatic taste.
"Aromatic": strong character, classic aromatic taste.


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