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Aus Lust am Genießen
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Incredibly delicious – the great Camembert delicacy with Striegistaler Zwerge

For nearly 75 years, our Striegstaler Zwerge brand has stood for a top quality range of snow white Camembert.

The magically delicious cheese’s orginal Zwerge recipe is and remains a truly well kept secret.

We can only reveal this: all Striegistaler Zwerge cheese specialities are made from specially selected ingredients according to a traditional recipe handed down over time. And with all the true craftsmanship, passion and experience gained from many years of delight.

Today, our Striegistaler Zwerge are loved by young and old connoisseurs alike –  no wonder: the delicious Camembert creations taste like traditionally crafted cheese.

Brand World | Products

Striegistaler Zwerge range

Striegistaler Zwerge Camembert 125 g
Aromatic with a harmonious composition,
the classic that all Camembert fans love.
Pure on bread, in warm and cold dishes,
this Camembert with 45% fat in dry matteris
always simply delicious. Also available in
fresh and mild versions with only 30%
fat in dry matter, and as aromatic cream
Camembert – the tasteful indulgence. 

Striegistaler Zwerge Camembert 6 hearty pieces 250 g
Pure Camembert enjoyment in six practical
individual portions – for a picnic, with a light
meal, at school or in the office. Available with
45% fat in dry matter or as a delicious light
version with only 13% absolute fat content.
These mini Zwerge are remarkably aromatic
and creamy!