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Aus Lust am Genießen

Culinary enjoyment brings people together.
All over the world!

Cheese is international
Whether it`s aromatic soft cheese specialties, tangy hard cheeses or delicious fresh brine cheeses you want: our special, diverse and delicious products have consistently stood for high quality cheese for many decades and in over 50 countries. In Europe and worldwide, from the USA to Russia, China and South Africa.

Our successful brands such as CAMBOZOLAROUGETTE,  Käserei Champignon or St.Mang are also very successful in many foreign markets. In addition, we have developed

brands specifically for export: for example, blue mould DORBLU and the delicious Mediterranean FITAKI brine cheese.

Traditional cheese-making is combined with new product concepts and the latest technology. This combination makes us extremely flexible and helps ensure, for example, the successful launch and placement of products abroad.