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Aus Lust am Genießen

We’re standing up for
Bavaria’s milk producers

Solidarity with our milk producers
“Our milk makes Bavaria strong.” With this campaign slogan, the Bavarian Ministry of Agriculture took a stand on behalf of local dairy farmers in 2009.

We were one of the first Bavarian dairies to support the campaign by showing solidarity with our milk producers. Representative of our approximately 1,300 suppliers, we showed Gerhard Huber, a farmer from Pfaffenhofen in Allgäu on a poster. With him in the picture: his son Fabian and cow Flora.

Pleasure that’s worth paying for
We process Flora’s milk in Heising, Allgäu, making delicious products such as Käserei Champignon Cremieur – an especially pure soft cheese speciality without any artificial aromas, of course. Only a cheese manufactured by traditional methods from fine local milk and left to mature fully at its own pace can taste this good.