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Aus Lust am Genießen

Product Range

Service with many extras: our current product and picture service
The eye plays an important role in any purchasing decision. So for added appeal, use attractive images! We’ll send you all pictures by return. Simply click on the required brands and products in the search box. You’ll receive your individual selection with all the necessary product information, data and current photos. View, select and download to optimally display your product selection.



Terms of use for product photos

The use of product photos is solely reserved for the trade and distribution partners of Käserei Champignon and the trade press. The photos may not be subsequently modified. Where such material is published, we request that "Käserei Champignon" is cited as the source, and that a specimen copy is forwarded to us.

Registered trademarks of the Champignon-Hofmeister group carry the ® symbol as an indication that the trademarks are subject to trademark protection. Therefore the ® symbol must be used when a trademark is mentioned in a text or image for the first time.

I have read and agree to the terms of use for product photos.
To use the photo materials, please confirm agreement with the terms of use.