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Aus Lust am Genießen

New ideas

What is trend?
Anyone who wants to grow their business today and still be successful tomorrow needs the courage to try something new, but also the ability to avoid following every new fad blindly.

Successful brands live from fresh ideas - and innovation. We set our own trends. We like to focus on our strong brands and develop product concepts that offer real value. For our Rougette Oven-baked cheese, for example, we’ve established a completely new niche market: oven baked cheese meals.

First of all, we closely analyse current consumer trends and brands, observe changes in lifestyles and eating habits, consult with consumers both at home and abroad, and talk with our various trade partners.

Products with a concept
For a product to be successful, it’s not just a case of getting the recipe correct. The packaging, design, logistics and preparation are becoming ever more important in this age of ‘convenience’. A product is only perfect if it completely meets the consumers’ expectations and provides delight from the first look to the very last bite.

The best tests for a successful product are the consumers’ eyes, fingers, noses and palates.

Trendsetters write the history books:
With CAMBOZOLA we made a creamy, finely spiced cheese for the more conservative German connoisseurs... and then for the rest of the world. In 1987, CAMBOZOLA was the leading brand of soft cheese in Germany and today it is one of the most successful brands in Europe and abroad.

With ROUGETTE Oven cheese we have established a completely new genre of baked cheese dish (and lead the market to this day).

With Käserei Champignon Cremieur we show how a traditional brand can be brought as a young and exciting product into the future.

With the Limburger and Romadur Specialties from St. Mang a real classic has returned to the scene.