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Aus Lust am Genießen

Our milk suppliers

Proximity creates confidence
We produce our specialty cheeses with pure, regional cow's milk. Our master cheesemakers carefully process them further without using preservatives, stabilisers, artificial flavours or gluten. Which is how we guarantee delicious quality - 100 percent real cheese with a natural taste, retaining all of milk’s valuable nutrients.

Our milk comes from local dairy farmers. This means we can rely on rigorously tested quality and freshness. Many of our dairy farmers have supplied us for generations - and we have supplied them. This partnership means a lot to us and is important. Established partnerships and mutual trust are of central importance to us as a worldwide group of companies.

Locally involved
Our success is rooted in the local dairy industry. Which is why we are locally active. We support social projects, culture and tourism in the region and foster reciprocity at many levels. Our cheese shops in Heising and Kammlach are popular meeting places for people from the region. And anyone who has grown up with Champignon Camembert und St.Mang also appreciates learning and working where good food is to at home.