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Cheese at its best!

For over three decades, our experienced master cheese makers have created a red culture speciality that cheese connoisseurs immediately love: ROUGETTE.

Over the years, they have dedicated themselves to its traditional manufacture with skill and ingenuity and developed new varieties. Our master cheese makers exercise particular care during maturing because ROUGETTE needs a particular temperature and humidity to optimally develop its special creaminess.

In the process, the red-white rind also develops to give this naturally matured cheese its characteristic flavor.

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ROUGETTE Bavarian Red
... a family favorite, ROUGETTE Bavarian Red is extremely creamy, mild and buttery and a perfect
introduction to brie or washed rind cheeses. The milk for this triple cream cheese comes from
the Allgäu region of Bavaria, Germany. The distinctive look of Its red exterior is the natural color of paprika extract. ROUGETTE tastes mild when it is young and increasingly finely spiced as it matures.

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All of our cheeses are made with microbial rennet and are free of gluten and rBGH. ROUGETTE cheeses are lactose free.