Aus Lust am Genießen

A century of indulgence


From hard to melt-on-your tongue subtlety

The Hofmeister family takes over the Ostenrieder dairy Moosburg, established in 1938, renaming it Hofmeister Käsewerk. The factory in Moosburg on the Isar produces processed cheese, blue cheese, cheese-spreads and cream-cheese for restaurants and trade customers as well as for international trade. Likewise the Pfeffenhausen factory since 1992. Roller-dried whole milk powder, as well as roller-dried custom mixed products, are also sold worldwide.

The entrepreneur and the master cheesemaker

A new era commences at Käserei Champignon: The brothers Joseph and George Hofmeister take over the company. Cheese making runs in their blood. Even their father, a master cheesemaker from the Allgäu region, was renowned for his cheese-making skills. Joseph and George Hofmeister take the company from strength to strength: with entrepreneurial vision, clever brand strategies and great motivational skills. By the following year, Käserei Champignon is the first cheese brand to appear in the new mass medium of television.

The quality of Champignon Camembert continues to win awards. In 1961 Käserei Champignon is awarded the highest honor the dairy industry: the Anton Fehr Medal.