Aus Lust am Genießen

A century of indulgence


New sophistication

CAMBOZOLA arrives on the market and echoes the taste of these new times with its delicate creaminess and the fine aroma of blue gourmet cultures. CAMBOZOLA stands for a liittle indulgance be it alone, as a pair or in convivial company. Not long after the launch it made its way to the US market.

Authentically rural

Käserei Champignon introduces ROUGETTE country cheese. With its delicate herbal flavour and special creaminess it immediately wins the palates and hearts of many a cheese lover. The appetizing red-and-white rind gives the naturally ripened country cheese its distinctive aroma and makes ROUGETTE a unique culinary experience.

Soft cheese know-how

Camembert is refined with white cultures; Limburger and Romadur with red cultures. All three are soft cheese specialties. It makes sense therefore, to pool the expertise. In May 1987, the Hofmeister Family takes over the Mang- Käsewerk in Kammlach (Unterallgäu) and develops it with strategic focus. The core values remain unchanged: the art of innovative cheese-making, originality and honest, simple pleasure. To this day, the Allgäu originals from St. Mang remain market leaders in culture cheese.

Success story

CAMBOZOLA, the extremely creamy soft cheese with a subtle flavour of fine blue cultures has remained one of the most successful soft cheese brands in Germany and Europe for more than 30 years. Even overseas CAMBOZOLA is an established brand that is loved for its unique taste experience.

The best for babies, for enjoyment, for beauty ...

In cheese making, the whey is separated from the cheese mass. The clear liquid is rich in nutrients, almost fat free, easy to digest - and extremely versatile. In 1989, the Käserei Champignon in Heising established an independent profit centre with Alpavit to cater for the high demand for whey products. Today Alpavit converts around 950 million litres of milk and whey into high-quality specialty products for the dairy industry annually. Alpavit is a sought after brand among leading international manufacturers of baby food, confectionery, foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals.

Trailblazers ...

The mountaineer Sepp Hanholzer climbs the 8,034 meter Gasherbrum II in the Himalayas. Champignon Camembert provides the necessary power for the ascent. Hanholzner has 50 tins in his luggage.

King of the chefs ...

Star chef Paul Bocuse gives the soft cheese-specialty CAMBOZOLA the highest award: 3 stars.