Aus Lust am Genießen

A century of indulgence


More room for innovation

By opening Käserei 2000, Käserei Champignon owns one of the most modern production centres for soft cheese in Europe. Up to 300,000 litres of milk are processed here every day to become the finest cheese brands. A place where product developers and master cheesemakers can let their innovative ideas unfold…

A hot idea

With ROUGETTE Oven cheese, a passion for cheese becomes an enjoyable social activity. And Käserei Champignon creates an entirely new market niche: hot cheese dishes.

Gold for the classic

The trade awards CAMBOZOLA Classic with a Gold Medal and the "Product of the Year" title from among 300 cheese products.

100 years in the art of cheese

Käserei Champignon celebrates an important anniversary. The fact that the brand celebrates its 100th birthday is not immediately obvious. The packaging has been redesigned and projects a young, fresh image. All the products within the brand family stand for cheese making which you can taste. The traditional recipe, passed down by cheesemakers from generation to generation has been constantly refined. But the extraordinary has remained unchanged for 100 years – the unadulterated, pure taste of Champignon Camembert.

The mini for everyone

Nowadays about two-thirds of all people in Germany live in a 1 or 2 person household. It seems they have been waiting for ROUGETTE The small oven cheese. The 180-gram pack for one to two gourmets is an immediate success.

Irresistible - just like the first time

CAMBOZOLA celebrates its 30th birthday with a brand new logo, a new packaging design and the new sophisticated CAMBOZOLA Extra Creamy. The youngest member of the CAMBOZOLA family is a big one: remarkably tall. Innovatively packaged in a resealable ripening mantle. And it melts in the mouth really delicately.

A traditional brand gets even hotter

For 100 years, the Allgäu Originals from St.Mang have held their place on the cheese plate.

ROUGETTE - pride of the master cheesemaker

For 30 years experienced cheesemakers have devoted themselves to the traditional production of ROUGETTE Bavarian Red. The recipe has been refined again and again, the ripening process carefully monitored: a unique pleasure - wonderfully creamy with a natural taste.

A small gold nugget

The favourite among all figure-conscious connoisseurs: ROUGETTE The small oven cheese wins the "Product of the Year 2011" Gold Medal.